Tentative Schedule as of 08/25/15


7:00 – Dinner

8:00 - Opening Ritual “Kindling of the Flame”

9:00 - Working With Your Local River Mother – Rob Henderson
When the ancient Indo-Europeans moved to a new place, they sought out the local goddess of place to honor her and establish their right to live on her land.  Find out how the members of Shining Lakes Grove have returned to this tradition in the modern age by contacting and honoring Ana, the spirit of the Huron River.
Rev. Rob Henderson is the Senior Druid of Shining Lakes Grove, and has been an ADF priest for thirteen years.  Most of you already know him, so a bio seems redundant.  If you don't know him, he's the guy with the prosthetic legs.


8:30 – Breakfast

10:00 - Sacred Gifts - Kirk Thomas

Unlike the Abrahamic faiths, ancient Indo-European religion was based on reciprocity - do ut des, I give so that you may give. This workshop will examine the concept of reciprocity as well as the evidence for reciprocal relationships between the Gods and the people in ancient writings from Ireland to India and many places in between. We will also explore how these ancient practices may apply to us in the modern day as we re-imagine and recreate our Paganisms today.

Kirk Thomas is currently the ADF Archdruid and an ordained priest in that religion. He has an MA in Celtic Studies from the University of Wales as well as a BFA in Theatre Arts from the University of New Mexico and a Certificate from the Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, UK. A resident of Washington State, USA, Kirk co-owns an organic farm and has built a stone circle and druidic sanctuary where he plans to open an ADF seminary and intentional community. He spends much of his time traveling for ADF, visiting groves, solitaries and festivals, presenting on various topics and participating in public, group ritual.

12:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Scholars' Guild meeting

2:00 - Measuring Ritual - Jon Drum

Effectiveness: how to tell if the work you have done has accomplished its purpose. For Solitary and Grove Members alike.

4:00 - Born Again as the Fire in the Waters: Cleansing the Past and Lighting Your Future - Michael J. Dangler

Modes of cleansing and blessing, including reflexes of cleansing one's self through water to remove spiritual "stains," whether these are as simple as forgetting an offering in a devotional, or as complicated as washing away the leavings of another religion's sacraments. We discuss several methods of cleansing and re-lighting your flame, and do some ritual work to cleanse ourselves as well.

Rev. Michael J Dangler is an ADF Senior Priest working out of Three Cranes Grove, ADF, in Columbus, OH, and has been an ADF Priest for nine years. He also co-owns The Magical Druid, which is vending this weekend."

6:30 – Dinner

8:00 – Main ADF Ritual

9:00 – Drumming Workshop - Eric Klinert

Eric has been a member of ADF since 2007 and playing music in one form or another since the late 70s.


8:30 – Breakfast

10:00 – Even Happier Hooking - Jenn H

In our 2014 workshop, we covered the basics of how to form a stitch and some of the terminologies used. This year, we will do a quick refresher and then cover what to do with that knowledge - how to read a pattern and how to group stitches together to form clusters or shells. All skill levels welcome, including beginner. (If you have hook and yarn, please feel free to bring your own. Loaner hooks and acrylic yarn will be available on a first come, first served basis.)

Jenn joined Cedarsong Grove in 2008, and ADF the following year. She has been crocheting for over 3 decades and always has several things on her hook. She enjoys the teaching process, in particular the look of "a-ha" when someone grasps a concept that has previously eluded them.

12:00 – Lunch

2:00 - Argument for the Earth Mother - Melissa Hill

A solid argument for the Earth Mother in an Indo-European context. Leading into some modern research in eco-psychology and deep ecology in order to point out the importance of putting the Earth Mother first in our rites.

The Rev. Melissa Hill is an artist, farmer and blogess extraordinaire. She is a founding member of Cedarsong Grove, ADF and is honored to be the leader of the Dance, Trance, and Artists groups within ADF. She is dedicated to building community, diversity, and sustainability within ADF and the larger community.

4:00 - Spirit Shimmy - Jill Hoyle

Come join mother and daughter Jill and Jacqui of Hipnotik Elements dance tribe and Shining Moon Coven . We'll have a quick discussion on the ancient art of Bellydance, and how they incorporate the Goddess Spirit in their performances. Learn some basic moves and use them in a "Dance As You Feel" finale. They'll be lots of music, fun, fellowship and shimmys!

Jill and her daughter Jacqui started bellydancing together as a mother and daughter activity almost 10 years ago. They dance with a troupe in Midland, MI. They enjoy helping to raise money for various organizations in shows and performances all over the state. Jill works in the "real world" for a home health agency in Saginaw and has been a Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant for over 30 years. Jacqui is finishing her licensing procedure as an American Sign Language Interpreter. They both love music, dance and the Old Ways.

6:30 – Dinner

8:00 – Norse Sumble

A ritual to toast, boast, and honor our kindreds!


10:00 – Closing Ritual